International conference

Laser Photochemistry Laboratory

5th Advanced Nanoparticle Generation & Excitation by Lasers in Liquids “ANGEL 2018”, June 3-7, (Lyon, France)

Synthesis of Nickel Nanoparticles using Pulsed Laser Ablation in Various Solvents: Cavitation Bubble Dynamics and Characterization Studies
Hyeon Jin Jung, Myong Yong Choi

Solvent as a Carbon and Nitrogen Source for Graphitic Carbon and Nitrogen-doped Graphitic Carbon Shells on Nickel Nanoparticles
Seung Jun Lee, Hyeon Jin Jung, Seung Heon Lee, Myong Yong Choi

Improved Photocatalytic Activity Of Au-Doped Au@ZnO Core-Shell Flower Shaped Nanocomposites
Seung Heon Lee, Hyeon Jin Jung, Seung Jun Lee, Ravindranadh Koutavarapu, and Myong Yong Choi