International conference

Laser Photochemistry Laboratory

Indo-Korea International Conference on Futuristic Research in Engineering Smart Materials (FRESM’21)

Laser Assisted Fabrication of Nanomaterials and Their Environmental and Energy Applications
Myong Yong Choi 

Laser Photochemistry and Gas-Phase Molecular Spectroscopy of Biologically-relaevant Molecules
Ahreum Min 

A molecular Spectroscopic study on the structural analysis of biomolecules: A comparisn of Experiment and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculations (POSTER AWARD)
Jiwon Kim, Ahreum Min, Cheol Joo Moon, Juhyeon Park, Myong Yong Choi*

One-pot synthesis of Pt/C by pulsed laser technique in various solvents (POSTER AWARD)
Yu Jeong Jeong, Yiseul Yu, Hyeyeon Lee, Theerthagiri Jayaraman, Seung Jun Lee, Myong Yong Choi*

Laser Assisted Green Synthesis of Lignin Mediated gold Nanoparicles in Aqueous Media (POSTER AWARD)
Yewon O, Shreyanka Shankar Naik, Yiseul Yu,  Seung Jun Lee, Myong Yong Choi*